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The Intelligence of Love

This world is a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence….a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related

- Plato, Timaeus 29-30

2020 is unfurling with endings and beginnings seamlessly occurring. It seemed prior to this there were very definite endings and very definite beginnings, but now those mystic moments are becoming a way of life. Perhaps we have grown enough and realized we are large enough for all to exist within the space of our being at one time. And perhaps our inner intelligence is presenting itself in more integrated ways than what we are used to.

When we distinguish between the intellect and intelligence we find ourselves falling into a much deeper energetic arena where Love and Awareness are fully present and active. The human being is teeming with intelligence - the intelligence of the body, through each and every cell, and all of the body parts, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, healing intelligence and more - and our animal and plant world joins us with their intelligence as do our Archangel and angel companions. We could say, this intelligence connects us all.

I recently watched a documentary where a pregnant doe was coming very close to giving birth, however, a large storm was looming. Her concern was very clear as she looked into the sky. Her newly birthed fawn would be at great risk if born in the middle of the storm and would likely not survive. Her animal intelligence knew this and she sought out a tree whose leaves had a particular substance that delayed her birthing. Once the storm passed she gave birth to a healthy fawn. How incredibly beautiful, loving, aware, intelligent!

Where does our intelligence lie? We have had our intelligence hijacked by the purely rational intellect. Can we now bring this rational intellect into a greater awareness where it seamlessly awakens to the greater Intelligence of Love? Not denied, but integrated and expanded. Our world is in need of such integrated and expanded beings.

These questions and more are what we will be exploring in our upcoming Online Course beginning Feb.4th (join live or listen to recording), The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene: The 21 Aspects of Wisdom-Sophia. Our first Aspect we study is Intelligence. Each person will be invited to take one type of Intelligence and really delve deeply into what it is and how it wants to show up in our lives. We may even be asked to see how Kindness and Intelligence come together. Who knows where the Spirit of Wisdom may take us. See more info via this link.

I have given a short recorded meditation here to help center and return ourselves to Love when we may find ourselves swayed by the world. I am noting an increased frenzy in everyone, yet, I have never known the Spirit to be in a hurry - ever - so even if you are engaged in activities of goodness please let yourself rest and come into peace. Only then can we be effective in the way of Intelligence-Wisdom and in what we bring to the world.

Ireland Pilgrimages: We have limited Scholarship monies if you would like to come on the Pilgrimages but need a little helping hand financially.

Looking Forward to Connecting with you

In This Greater Way of Being


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