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the light and dark of you

Darkness is visually stimulating: small amounts of illumination look more intriguing and appealing in contrast with shade. American photographer Ansel Adams took some of the most beautiful pictures to date by focusing his lens on the details in the shadows rather than the light.

~ Veronique Vienne, The Art of Imperfection


Bring yourself to sit in love. Let the light within shine. Let the gift of darkness come to visit if it desires. Do not be afraid, you are held in love. You are love. Bless the messenger and what it brings you. Lay it upon the heart of the Mother.


Online: Mary Magdalene As The Black Madonna

October 7, 14, 21 Online Prayer Intensive - Live & Recorded:

Journey into and experience the mysteries of The Black Madonna: Healer of Humanity, Restorer of Justice, Strength of the Feminine

Online & The Sanctuary of Sophia: Death & Dying Introduction

November 6 & 20

In learning how to die, and what we face in our death journey we learn how to live more fully

Online & The Sanctuary of Sophia: Birthing The Christ Essence

December 4 & 18:

Preparing to birth from the darkness into our own Christ Light Essence of Being and Action

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