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The Whole of Our Soul

Who is the untold mystic deep within? Where does she live?

Is she still making love with the Beloved every night under the bed-sheets?

We are currently studying The New Divine Feminine Book, now focusing on the Interior Stars (Chakras). As we continue our journey into the Heart Star-Chakra let us feel into any place of our Heart-Self that may have been strangled by society. For me, it is the mad mystic.

There have been times while sitting in spiritual circles, where I have wanted to jump up and dance and sing praises to the Beloved unreservedly, ecstatically, as my soul had fallen into grateful wakefulness. But because there was a serious spiritual conceptual conversation going on I did not. And why not?

Because when I have ventured in that direction, or started to speak in some crazy Beloved language, people very quickly moved away, with whispers and long glances back.

I was shunned and very quickly found myself alone.

In other settings where incredibly amorous spiritual poetry was being recited I began to laugh and laugh as my soul was awakened and taken into the Beloved’s cosmic love-making. The serious seekers thought I was disrespectful at best, and crazy at worst.

Or, when it was my body that fell into ecstasy through dance, others debased it with their lust.

And so, I have shut that mad mystic down. I have kept her hidden. I have watered her down to human humor with a spiritual twist, and careful dance and chant, which people can understand and enter into without being too threatened. I have left my mad mystic stranded without a home, without a heart.

Na’amah, I seek your assistance here and now

The truth of my mad mystic cries out

Help me to hear and listen to her

Show me where she lives

Where does she sleep at night?

Is she hungry?

Does she want me to come and play in the light?

I am waiting here for her

I have a feeling she is waiting for me

I have a feeling she has been waiting a very long time

Tell her I am coming Na’amah

Tell her I am coming

Tell her I am here

I am here.

(Revised from The New Divine Feminine prayer, by Meghan Don)

Na'amah is a name for the Feminine Hebrew Goddess and is known as the Queen of the Night or another Face of the Black Madonna/Mother of the Dark

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