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Trusting and Aligning Our Soul

Recently I had the great pleasure of teaching a retreat on The Lovingly Fierce Nature of the Divine Mother. Thank you to those who participated, and for being willing to go deeply into this wondrous territory of all that the Mother brings. Looking at the word fierce, a word people often shy away from, we explored what that means - to be bold, to be brave, to be strong, and to be wild. Each one of us allowed the mystery of those words to speak to us and how they may be needed for our journey right now. Our personal as well as our collective journey.

We were asked by the Mother to enter into true co-creatorship with her, to trust in our souls, and to trust in her. I brought along my Black Madonna from Italy and she richly blessed us all with great healing gifts of the soul and through this healing we also explored what it means to be Justice Bearers in and for our world.

Trust and alignment of our soul are intricately related. We need to be able to align with the true nature of our soul, and this is what we can trust. I am delighted to invite you to a free online virtual event called “The Soul Aligned Life.” A wonderful woman, Toni-Anne from Darwin, Australia is the host of this, and there are many illuminating talks and interviews that you can share in. Here is the link:

My own talk/interview with Toni-Anne was nothing like we planned, of course. I believe it is airing on January 3rd, while others will be available from Dec.26th. Enjoy! You never know if a particular word or phrase will give you the inspired direction you need for the New Year. I am sure much wisdom will be coming forth from all involved.

Wishing you all a Special Solstice and Full Moon Time

A wondrous Christ-Sophia Birthing

And a Blessed New Year



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