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Trusting In Love

“Do not place your trust in what is outside of you. Do not give your trust to that which is not worthy. Turn within and seek Love. There you will find Me.”

~ Mary Magdalene

With so many media sources, so many “sides” of the story, how do we know what to trust and what not to trust? We have rapidly moved into a virtual world that seems to be stoking twenty smoke screens that are hiding twenty other smoke screens. What is real anymore?

It seems to me there is only one thing that is real, only one thing we can rely on, and that is Love. Love is not virtual, and yet it travels through the virtual airwaves with greater speed and reliability than anything other trying to imitate it. We are not here to imitate. We are here to become. Become the very Love that we are. Do not be fooled otherwise. 

The first Saturday of every month from 11amET to 12 noonET, I will be offering “Trusting In Love: The Mary Magdalene Support Group.”Magdalene is walking with us and knows we are in deep need. We will begin our time with an invocation of prayer and chant, followed by a short reading. We will then meditate on that reflection, share if inspired, and ask for personal and world prayers. During the month we will pray for one another as we light our candle every morning and/or evening. We will support one another through these times. November 7th is our first gathering. Please join us:

Meanwhile, I am happy to share that on the New Moon (October 16) I moved into a new dwelling. A small, sweet apartment overlooking a tidal inlet where the river meets the sea. Depending upon the tide I may be eating breakfast with the herons, egrets, and the curlews who have the most mystical of calls. When the tide rises sea otters swim by reminding me to play. There are mystic islands throughout the inlet each with their own energetic rendering of stone and verdant life. Further beyond I gaze on the green rolling fields of sheep and young calves. 

Close by is a magnificent seawater lake that is home to bioluminescent organisms. Oak and beech trees line the way for a sweet walk around the lake, and holy wells are further up the hill. 

My wild place is the cliff walk which allows the eye to stretch across to America (a very long stretch). It is here my selkie soul comes alive as the cove brings the seals in to play. Upon my visit they invited me to come swim with them. Tears fell from my eyes as I so wanted to join them, but the wind was whipping, the air was cold, and as yet I do not have my human seal suit. Perhaps next spring I will begin the daily dip with the locals. They swim all year round. Bbbrrr….

The name of where I live is Rathmore. The word Rath in Gaelic comes from the root, “to bestow grace, virtue, good fortune.” May it be so. It also means a circular settlement that is protected. May it be so. Close by is the village of Baltimore. The original Irish rendition of Baltimore means “Fort of the Jewels.” It is a place of ancient ritual and prayer. Hence, the name is not literal, but means the true protection (fort) comes from engaging in prayer and ritual (the jewels). May it be so. In my heart and life. In your heart and life. In any way that speaks to your soul. 

A question for us all: Soul, how do you want me to pray? In troubled times perhaps other forms of prayer and ritual are needed. Let us be open to the guidance of our Inner Beloved and be willing to change and be stretched as is needed. 

In our class Living Into the Unknown we are beginning to work with the Sophia Wisdom Aspect of Unperturbed. What a big call for us. To sit in our Unperturbed Being emitting the Greater Love as chaos is swirling in and all around us. May we breathe into this, may we taste this, may we open to know it daily, and bring some manner of Peace to our inner and outer world. May it be so. If you want to join this class you still may. All sessions are recorded, and each session stands alone unto itself, so you may join now and listen to the previous recordings later. Click Here to Register Be Well, Be Strong, Be Vulnerable, Be Love

Beidh réidh gach aimréidh  All that is tangled will be unravelled Meghan

Self Study Online Coming Into Your Steadfast Nature: The Wisdom Way with Mary Magdalene: The Original Tender & Fierce Feminine: More offerings here:

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