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Welcoming Love Into Your Life

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

On my recent trip back to the United States I was saddened by the intense vitriol that seems to have entwined itself in and through every crevice of media that we are exposed to. Hearts caught up in chants of judgement for every possible reason. This coming New Year Magdalene is asking us to "Welcome Love into Your Life" We all have at least one, if not more areas of our life where we could welcome love in.

Where does Love desire to come upon you? Love desires us. Do we desire Love? Not from an empty place of grasping, but from a soulful place of expansion.

I invite you to join me this coming Saturday for the ongoing gathering of Trusting In Love where we will be contemplating these thoughts and allowing them to burrow deep into our skin, seeing what we find may be ready to emerge. We will also be doing a simple Druid Tree Practice of the Birch Tree, for New Beginnings. The Birch Tree is also known as Lady of the Woods or Lady of the Forest. Such grace and beauty.

When: SATURDAY JANUARY 2nd Time: 11:00amET-12.15pmET Where: Online - Join Live or Receive the Recording Registration: Video:

If you would like to receive the Recordings of any of the past Trusting In Love gatherings please email me and we can arrange for your payment and viewing.

I wish you and all your loved ones the sweet desire of a greater love in your life And I look forward to welcoming Love Into the New Year with you Meghan

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