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What Are You Seduced By?

In what ways are we seduced?

~ through another person’s thoughts or opinions, and thereby forsaking our own wisdom?

~ through our own mind, believing the drama that it likes to create and keep alive, otherwise what would our mind do?

~ through denying our emotions, or not willing to feel them fully, and thereby closing down the openness of our heart?

There are many ways we can be seduced in life, a whispering in our ear that we need to do something in accordance with worldly expectation, that we need to become somebody, that we are irrelevant.

These are times we need to be vigilant and ask Kali Imma, our Mother of the Dark, the Black Madonna, Na’amah, Sophia Nigrans, whatever name resonates, to assist us with true knowing.

Let love return to claim you and lead you back to your true Elegance as a woman and man in the world, not as a woman or man of the world. We need to be fully present and aware of where our energy lies and on what it is feeding. And coming to know what it is that our soul and bodies truly desire to return us back to our Original Sovereignty.

Blessed Explorations!

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